License File Authorization

If you do not own an iLok (or otherwise prefer not to use one), Drumagog 5 can instead authorize your hard drive via the License File system (except for Pro Tools AAX users who must use a 2nd-generation iLok). This will install a license file on your hard drive which authorizes Drumagog on that specific computer. The system automatically allows up to three license file authorizations in the case of system reinstalls or a new computer, but please contact us if you run into this authorization limit as we can usually help out.

Before beginning the authorization process please make sure to download and install the "full" Drumagog 5 installer from your account. For those users who first had the demo version installed please be aware that the demo cannot be turned into the full version, you still must download and install either the Basic, Pro, or Platinum installer which you purchased. Any attempt to use the License File system with the demo version will just run into an error message.

To begin the license file authorization process first open your DAW of choice. Logic Pro X users, please Click Here! for important information on authorizing.

The first time Drumagog 5 is opened an authorization window will appear on-screen:

Authorization Window

Press the AUTHORIZE button to continue.


On the next screen, UNCHECK the USE MY ILOK SMART KEY box and press NEXT to continue.



The next window will present the License File section which contains two buttons, SAVE LICENSE REQUEST and READ LICENSE:


License File Section


First we need to use the SAVE LICENSE REQUEST option. Click this button to create a License Request File (.ilr) that will be saved to your hard drive. Designate a save location that will be easy to find (like the Desktop) so you can find it again in a few moments. This file will have the same name as the version of Drumagog 5 you are authorizing, such as "Drumagog 5 Pro.ilr".

Leave the authorization window open and open a web browser (like Firefox or Safari).

Open and visit the MY ACCOUNT section (by logging-in through the upper-right hand corner). Your copy of Drumagog will appear in the list of MY DOWNLOADS and will include a red AUTHORIZE THIS PRODUCT link to the right of the installers.

Click the AUTHORIZE THIS PRODUCT link to open the web authorization page, which will give you a choice to either authorize via iLok or License File (the Challenge/Response option is no longer supported). Under the WHICH METHOD DO YOU WANT TO USE drop-down select I WOULD LIKE TO UPLOAD A LICENSE FILE as shown here: License File Page showing a Platinum License Request ready for authorization


Click the CHOOSE FILE button to open a file browser, navigate to that folder where we just saved the license request file, and select the .ilr file.

Now that the .ilr file has been chosen click the AUTHORIZE button. After a slight pause while the website contacts the authorization servers and uploads your request, a License File (.ilf) will be generated and you will receive an “OK” message.



Click the red DOWNLOAD YOUR LICENSE FILE link below the OK message to save the License File (.ilf) back onto your computer. Please note the directory where this file is downloaded to (most often your Downloads folder).

Switch back to the DAW with Drumagog 5's open authorization window and click the READ LICENSE button. Select the new License File (.ilf) that was just saved to your system and click NEXT to complete the License File authorization process.

If Drumagog's authorization window was accidentally closed after saving the license request, it will need to be brought back up again. This may require exiting your DAW and restarting it to prompt Drumagog's authorization window to re-appear. Some DAWs, like Cubase and Logic, may also need to be forced to RESCAN or UPDATE the installed plug-ins for this to happen; please consult your DAW's user manual to find out how.

For Logic Pro X users

There is a known issue when authorizing Drumagog 5 with Logic Pro X via license files. Due to a bug in Logic Pro X, Drumagog's activation window may not always open. The easiest solution is to either authorize your copy of Drumagog 5 using a USB iLok key, or to authorize using a different audio application. Once Drumagog has been authorized in one audio application it will also work in every other audio app.

To authorize Drumagog outside of Logic Pro X:

First download and run the latest Drumagog 5 installer for Mac, found on your account profile page.

Then, if you have another audio application on your computer (like GarageBand, Logic 9, Pro Tools, Cubase, etc), simply open that application and the Drumagog authorization window should appear either on startup or when inserting Drumagog 5 onto an audio track. Then just hit your browser's Back button to return and follow the previous authorization instructions.


If you do not have any other audio application than Logic Pro X, you can download a simple and free standalone app called Ugly VSTi (

  • Download and unzip the above file, then double click it to run Ugly VSTi (there is no application to install)
  • When the Ugly VSTi window opens, click "load VSTi"
  • In the file browser, navigate to your Drumagog5.vst plug-in file: Devices > (your HD) > Library > Audio > Plug-ins > VST > Drumagog5.vst
  • This will open the authorization window allowing you to complete the authorization process. Just hit your browser's Back button to return and follow the previous authorization instructions.

Now that Drumagog 5 has been authorized it should be available for use inside Logic Pro X!

**Please Note: If, after authorizing with one of the methods above, you still do not see Drumagog 5 appear in Logic Pro X's plug-in list, open the Logic Pro X Plug-in Manager (Upper left Apple menu > Logic Pro X > Preferences > Plug-in Manager), find Drumagog 5 in the list and check the box found under the column labeled, "Use".