Rock Drums Cymbal Pack

Farview Recording , the originator of Rock Drums, is excited to announce its newest collection of drum samples: Rock Drums Cymbal Pack.

Rock Drums Cymbal Pack includes:

  • • 4 Crashes
  • • 4 Hi-hats
  • • 4 Effects cymbals
  • • 2 Ride cymbals
  • • Includes both Drumagog 5 and 4 versions of every GOG
  • • Over 800 MB of GOG files (in Drumagog 5 format)

All samples recorded in stereo. All the cymbals are prepared both raw, with no EQ, and processed with EQ and light compression.

The hi hat and ride cymbals feature both close and overhead micing that can be mixed as you desire, using the Room Sounds mixer in Drumagog 5 (library also includes 'room-less' Drumagog 4 versions of these GOGs for maximum compatibility).

All of the samples are panned from the drummer's perspective. If you wish to use audience perspective, most DAWs have a way of reversing the panning. Some will have a plugin, others will have a special panner mode to accomplish this.


Rock Drums Cymbal Packwas recorded and processed at Farview Recording by master engineer and architect of all Rock Drums sample collections, Jason Walsh, so you are certain to be overjoyed with exceptional quality at your fingertips.

Years ago, Farview Recording set the bar for drum samples that others have strived to duplicate. Many drum sample collections have attempted to imitate Farview Recording’s processes and techniques. And although “imitation is the best form of flattery,” rest assured, yourRock Drumssample collection is a 100% authentic Farview Recording product.

Because you and your project deserve only the very best.

You will find this and other sample libraries for sale in our online store.

Audio Examples:

  1. Ride Cymbal
  2. Hi-hat
  3. Crash Cymbals

Each example was made from the processed GOG (EQ and Compression), and both the Ride and Hi-hat examples utilize the included Drumagog 5 O/H samples.

Downloadable Version: $35.00 US

Includes samples for both Drumagog 4 and Drumagog 5