Any other questions or comments can be directed to our support email: support@drumagog.com or our Web Forum


Purchases & Upgrades

Q: What are the differences between the different editions of Drumagog (Pro and Platinum)?

A: View the feature comparison chart for the full list of differences


Q: What are Drumagog 5's System Requirements?

A: See: System Requirements


Q: How do I upgrade my copy of Drumagog 4 to version 5?

A: Upgrades are available by accessing your My Account section in the upper-right corner of the site. You must be logged in first, and Drumagog 4 customers can login by using the email address and phone number (in the password field) registered to their account. After the initial login the account password may then be changed.


Q: I own Drumagog 4, but why do no upgrade links for Drumagog 5 appear in my account?

A: It is likely that you recently changed your email address for your account on our website. This can cause your upgrades to be removed, as our system ties your upgrades to your Drumagog 4 email. If this is the case, you can still purchase the upgrade by contacting us directly. If the email you used when registering Drumagog 4 is out-of-date then the best procedure is to wait to change the account email address until after purchasing the upgrade.


Q: How can I upgrade my copy of Drumagog 5 to Pro or Platinum?

A: Your upgrade will appear in the My Available Upgrades section of your account page. The price of the upgrade is the difference in retail price between the two versions. Click on the item to add it to your cart, which can then be purchased and downloaded.


Q: I just purchased a MoReVoX or Supersonic sample library, but I don't see it listed as a download in my account?

A: MoReVoX and Supersonic samples are sent as a download link directly from the manufacturer and will not appear in your account downloads. Please allow a few hours for your link to arrive via email.


Q: Where can I download the Drumagog 5 Sample Library?

A: The Sample Library is available on the Download Page, and you must be logged in to view it. The installer for Drumagog 5 only includes a small Demo Collection of samples, while the rest must be downloaded separately from the downloads page.


Q: Do you have localized versions of Drumagog available in other languages?

A: We currently have a German language version of the Drumagog plugin and user manual available exclusively through our German distributor, DBS. For more information on purchasing this localized version, please visit http://www.dbsys.de/drumagog.html


Authorization & Installation

Step-by-step instructions for installing and authorizing Drumagog 5 can be found in the Getting Started Guide here.


Q: How can I activate my copy of Drumagog 4 if says it's in "Demo Mode: Expired" and my old unlock code won't work anymore?

A: You most likely just need a new unlock code. Be sure to first download the latest Drumagog v4.11 update from your account page, then take the new 12-digit CPUID shown in Drumagog and enter this number into the form on the support page here. (be sure to use your registered Drumagog 4 name, e mail and phone) and the form will email you a new unlock code automatically.

If you purchased Drumagog 4 after the release of Drumagog 5, please email us at info@drumagog.com for your unlock code.


Using Drumagog

Q: Can I have Drumagog 4 and Drumagog 5 running on the same system?

A: Yes, Drumagog 4 and 5 are completely separate plugins and can run simultaneously on the same system without affecting each other.


Q: Why does Drumagog not appear in my audio effects insert list?

A: First, be sure that the plugin of Drumagog (VST, AU, or RTAS) has been saved in the folder where your DAW looks for effect plugins. It could have also been placed in an Unused Plugins folder. Then, simply force your audio program to rescan for plugins using the Plugin Manager or trashing the preferences file for the audio program (process depends on your DAW). Contact our support for detailed help with your specific DAW.


Q: How can I stop Drumagog 5 from triggering double hits when the original audio is only a single hit?

A: This can be fixed by adjusting the Transient Detail slider to the left. Conversely, if Drumagog 5 is missing fast hits, like ghost notes, trying moving the Transient Detail slider to the right.


Q: Why does it sound like Drumagog is triggering late behind the original audio?

A: This issue can be caused by using an audio program without plugin delay compensation, such as Pro Tools 8 LE (or earlier). A workaround for this is to shift the track 80 ms (the default latency setting in Drumagog 5) earlier.


Q: Is Drumagog a 32-bit or 64-bit plugin?

A: Drumagog 5 is available as both a 64-bit and 32-bit plugin for Mac and Windows, in VST, AudioUnit, AAX (32 and 64), and RTAS formats.


Q: I understand I need to use a third-party software program to use the MIDI Out feature in Pro Tools (or Logic, Sonar, DP, etc.). What are my options and where can I find more information about them?

A: Mac OSX: MIDIPipe
Windows XP and earlier: MIDI Yoke
Windows Vista, 7 and 8: LoopBe1


Any other questions or comments can be directed to our support email: support@drumagog.com or our Web Forum