Drumagog Reviews

Bob Bullock

“I use Drumagog on every mix and Drumagog 5 gives me even more features and flexibility! Replacing drums or just adding color to a live kit, I can always depend on Drumagog!”
Bob Bullock
Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Shania Twain, George Strait, Travis Tritt, The Tubes, Art Garfunkel,
Seals and Crofts, Chic Corea, REO Speedwagon


WML Interview with Bob Bullock

“Drumagog gives me the control I always dreamt of for drum replacement. The multiple samples that are triggered for each drum make your replaced drums sound completely natural, and now that I can use Superior Drums within the plugin it has made it the hands down winner. It makes other soundreplacer plugins seem like toys. If you are not using Drumagog to fix your drums, you are working way too hard.”
Pat Thrall
Producer / Engineer / Artist
Beyonce, Thalia, John Mayer, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Miles Davis


“Finally! A new environment of a plug-in that I truly can call a standard for my work. The interface is intuitive, the function is completely accurate, the sonics are totally top end, professional, and perfect. Nothing more needed for drum triggering; it makes my life so much easier! And in my world of diverse, and sometimes challenging sonics, I now have a new soldier on my team!”
Thom Russo
Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Cher, Babyface, Prince, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash


Chuck Ainlay

“Drumagog rules! At last a drum replacement program that has the same feel as the drummer intended. The new visual triggering is a piece of cake to use and the included samples sound great.”
Chuck Ainlay
Producer / Engineer
Dire Straits, Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill, George Strait, Wynonna Judd and Reba McEntire


“The new & improved interface may look like a major departure from the much simpler Drumagog 4, but Drumagog 5 is as simple as ever to operate, and much more powerful than it's predecessor. Drumagog remains the elite drum enhancement program on the market, and an invaluable tool in my arsenal.”
John Seymour
Grammy Award-Winning Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Santana, U2, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Jimi Hendrix, Bouncing Souls


“I love the new Drumagog 5 interface. So much easier to search my sample library! Never had a problem with the triggering before, but this version seems to work even better. Now, I can record drums anywhere and never worry - I can always fix them if need be with Drumagog 5. The replacement sounds are great, especially the MoReVoX collections.”
Tony Mangurian
U2, Luscious Jackson, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Daniel Lanois

Also uses MoReVox Elektromorph libraries

“I grew up in an analog studio environment, and used to run several channels of kicks and snares on the board for parallel processing. Drumagog allows me not only to simplify my mix setups - whether in the box or on the board - but also to make sensible choices for the music I'm working with - ranging from subtle reinforcement to downright destruction. All with sample accurate precision, ease of use, and a great palette of professional sounding samples that I can quickly flick through and tweak as the music plays by - what more could I ask for?'
Marco Migliari
Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Robert Plant, Crowded House, Massive Attack, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, Loreena McKennitt

Also uses MoReVox Elektromorph libraries

“The first time I used Drumagog, I was shocked. It tracked the old snare perfectly, and I put a new snare up, replacing the snare I had recorded, and there was no latency at all. I was done. 15 seconds. No more drum replacement anxiety.”
David Kahne
Grammy Award-Winning Producer
Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, The Strokes, Ingrid Michaelson


“Drumagog 5 is downright impressive; it's become even simpler to use. The new design is easier to navigate, the file management system makes browsing a cinch, the triggering is spot on, and the tuning for samples like toms seems more flexible than ever. It's seamless; it's made drum enhancement even more of a no-brainer. A must-have in every mix session.”
Mark Plati
Producer / Engineer / Musician
David Bowie, The Cure, Charlie Winston, Les Rita Mitsouko

“I used to be skeptical about drum replacement, feeling like it always removed some of the 'human' aspect of a live drum track. Once I used Drumagog, however, that changed completely. It's so simple to use, it has really become a 'must have' for all my mix sessions. If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to look into 'Stealth Mode' in order to keep your mic bleed intact. This is such an important feature in Drumagog, since mic bleed is so integral to the 'live' sound of a well recorded kit.”
Blake Eiseman
Producer / Engineer
Outkast, Matthew Sweet, Arrested Development, Pearl Jam, Kanye West

Also uses Supersonic Samples

“Drumagog has done it once again! I am thrilled with the new features especially the integration of third party plugins for triggering...one word: AMAZING. Another feature I am thoroughly impressed with is the hi-hat tracking capabilities...Finally someone got it right!'
Allen Morgan
Producer / Engineer / Programmer / Remixer
Nine Inch Nails, Christina Aguilera, Dolly Parton, Lauri Ylönen (The Rasmus)


WML Interview with Allen Morgan

“Just installed Drumagog 5 and I'm really impressed. All the things that made 4 easy to use are still there, but the triggering and the other enhancements are really great!'
John Paterno
Producer / Engineer
Robbie Williams, Bonnie Raitt, Los Lobos, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, The Black Crowes


“In a perfect world, you would like to have drums recorded in a great room with great microphones. Nowadays, this rarely happens anymore due to budget cuts. So I turn to Drumagog to transform that 'not so great' recording to a top-notch studio sound. With Drumagog 5 Platinum and its new features, like Plug-in Hosting, Auto Hit-Hat Tracking, effects and the new easy-to-use interface it becomes a no brainer. I use it not only as a replacement plug-in, but also as a creative tool!'
Felipe Tichauer
Mew, Christina Aguilera, Disney, Pete Yorn, Ceu, Rod Stewart

“Drumagog is the coolest and baddest drum replacement software out there. It's easy to use, sounds amazing and gives you lots of options in your mix. I wouldn't be without it.”
Greg Ladanyi
Producer / Engineer
Jackson Browne, Toto, Don Henley, Fleetwood Mac


“Drumagog, its not just for breakfast anymore - thats right! There was a time when snare samples were a quick fix, used to remedy a poorly recorded or missing track. But this system is so good, it's a tool for further expression. I like to add a sample and then toggle the mute or ride its volume to have it act as additional part. I'm especially fond of placing a large tom sample behind the snare, maybe panned hard to one side, and then using it every 4th or 8th hit to extend the musical phrase.”
Pat Mastelotto
King Crimson, Mr. Mister, XTC


Steve Vai

“I have been using Drumagog for a while now and am stunned at it's versatility and simplicity of use. It's one of those rare intuitive programs that seamlessly allows the user to get the job done and then some. Congratulations on a fine little piece of userware!'
Steve Vai
Grammy Award Winning Artist / Producer
Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Alcatrazz



“No matter how well your drums are recorded, Drumagog can make them even better. Even with killer recordings, it just seems to make everything more substantial in the mix. I consider Drumagog an essential part of my kit.”
Sammy Merendino
Cameo, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Cyndi Lauper, Foreigner

“I love using Drumagog 5 at home to get a satisfying kick sound without messing around forever which is a drag. The new interface is sweet!'
Patrick Wilson
Drummer / Guitarist / Producer
Weezer, The Special Goodness, The Rentals


“What used to take DEVO hours setting up MIDI drum triggers for custom sounds, now takes seconds. Drumagog couldn't be any easier for sound replacement. It doesn't matter if its a different drum or an original synth noise, just launch Drumagog and you are ready to go.”
Bob Casale
Guitars / Keyboards / Engineering


“Drumagog 5's redesigned GUI, sample accurate triggering with automatic phase alignment, and the ability to host VST libraries like BFD makes it so easy to get just the right sound. I don't know how they keep making it better! I love it.”
Shawn Pelton
Saturday Night Live Band, Sheryl Crow, Pink, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen

“Drumagog 5 has become the essential plugin in recent months. I have found it to be the best drum replacement software out there. I recently used it on a recut project. I had the performance I needed, but the drum sound was not a close match. With Drumagog, it gave me the option to get the sound I was after while keeping the same performance. It has been such a useful tool, whether you need to replace the sound or reinforce the sound.”
James Towler
Producer / Front of House Engineer / Studio & Tour Manager
Steve Winwood

“Drumagog is the perfect plug-in for achieving great control over your drum sounds. This plug-in is simply a must have!'
Travis Wyrick
Grammy-Nominated, Award-Winning Producer / Mixer / Engineer
10 years, P.O.D., Dolly Pardon, Charlie Daniels


“Being on the road nine months out of the year with Bret Michaels certainly makes it hard to get into the studio and track drums. We have made two records basically in our tour bus, both of which entered the Billbaord Top 40, the most recent entering at number 14. Often times we cut drums in venues with house mics during our sound check. I run back to the bus and 'GOG' the tracks and end up with gold! I’ve been a Drumagog user from the beginning and there is not a better or more reliable instrument replacement software. Now with Drumagog 5's new graphical design and enhanced triggering abilities I can do the work in half the time!'
Pete Evick
Producer / Composer / Guitarist
Bret Michaels, Evick

“The game has changed. No longer do you have to be stuck with less than perfect drum sounds. With Drumagog 5 you can replace poorly recorded drums, change the sound to fit the music better, or morph the sound into something completely different - and all in real time. It has never been this easy to get that radio-ready sound. One way I like to use Drumagog is at the end of drum recording sessions I'll get samples of the kick, snare and toms and then I can use them to replace the performance to get nice clean drum sounds or just to trigger ambience.”
Michael Woodrum
Producer / Mixer / Engineer
Joss Stone, Eric Clapton, Snoop Dogg, Backstreet Boys


“Drumagog is amazing! I’ve found great uses for it across all kinds of music I work with. From producing songs to scoring with picture, it comes in handy as a great tool in my arsenal. It’s easy to use and does the job every time! So far, I haven’t found another drum replacer that is nearly as accurate as this one.”
Dan Silver
Producer / Composer / Artist / Music Supervisor
Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The Expendables, Burn Notice, Skyline Trailers, 90210, more

“Whether it's TV, movies or records, Drumagog has saved my tracks time and time again. The new re-designed interface and triggering is super fast and easy to get around on. It's all about getting the job done.”
Bob Boykin
Producer / Composer
Sex And The City, Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show, Pam Tillis, X-Files, West Wing



“Amazingly fast and accurate drum enhancement! There is no better software for this. Makes your s***** drums sound like a million bucks!'
Chris Pitman
Keyboardist / Guitarist / Producer
Guns N' Roses, Tool, SexTapes, Lusk, Replicants


“I've always been against 'drum replacement,' but 'drum reinforcement' is something I use on every single recording. You can't release a record nowadays without it! Using Drumagog allows you to turn good sounding drum sounds into great sounding drum sounds in virtually 3 clicks of the mouse. Open Drumagog on your track, find the right sample, adjust your parameters and you're good to go. Drumagog 5 and its new plugin hosting feature has made other programs, like BFD and Toontrack, easier than ever, and gives you the oppurtunity to have the most extensive sample library.”
Matty Amendola
Session Drummer / Producer
825 Records


WML Interview with Matty Amendola

“Drumagog is hands down the best drum trigger plugin I have ever used! If I'm having a hard time achieving a particular sound that I need from any of the acoustic drums tracks recorded, I'll fire up the Drumagog plugin and always find something to match the sound picture I'm trying to create. Drumagog has made my life so much easier. The functions are easier to use and now all my mixes are totally constant for drums! Highly recommended!'
Glen Drover
Guitarist / Composer / Producer
Glen Drover Band, Megadeth, Testament, King Diamond, Eidolon

WML Interview with Glen Drover

“Without Drumagog, my album would not be the same! I’m totally happy about the drum sound I got! That’s exactly what I was looking for and nothing else could work better than Drumagog! Moreover, all controls worked greatly on drum tracks and nothing has been lost or changed. I got the original performance with a great and powerful triggering!'
Keyboardist / Composer


“Drumagog makes life in the studio easier. It's as simple as that. I'm constantly asked by TV networks and ad agencies to write and record music 'in the vein of' (fill in the blank). With Drumagog5, I can use my 'live' drum sounds and feel, and change any or all of my drums sounds or just enhance my original drums with a bit of support from samples. And with the new convolution reverb, I can dial in virtually any space that I want to be in, quickly and easily. I love it!!!! Um...it even works with my hi-hat - that's just crazy!”
Fred Coury
Drummer / Composer / Producer / Mixer
Double Forte Music, Cinderella, Arcade


“At first I didn´t really know what to say about the new Drumagog 5, because the v4 was already awesome, or 'Hammer,' as we say in Germany! I was using Drumagog 4 on my last album and I was always amazed how precise and smooth it would work. How could WaveMachine Labs top this? Well, they could! Drumagog 5 has even more great sounds and the new features, such as the room samples, auto hi-hat tracking, blend control, the new triggering engine and the new file-browser, are simply amazing. For me, the plugin hosting is one of the greatest news in Drumagog 5 because it gives me access to all of my other software machines and an unlimited library of sounds & samples. Being a techno nerd, to me the Morph|Engine is also a great new toy to mess around with. What can I say? I love my drums, but I don´t think there will be any recording in the future where I won´t use Drumagog.”
Dirk Erchinger
Drummer / Composer / Educator


WML Interview with Dirk Erchinger

Drumagog 5 is easier to use and offers greater results than ever before. The new features mean even more amazing possibilities. Cool!'
Adam Koopmans
Guitarist / Producer



“I love to use live drums for the human element of making music. Now with Drumagog in my life, the drum sounds can change making the recording Perfect, even though the drummer has left!'
Doc Powell
Grammy Nominated Guitarist / Songwriter / Producer
Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Kirk Franklin



“Drumagog 5 is a must have for any recording engineer/producer looking for drum replacement. The enhanced triggering engine tracks even the most complex drum takes. The flexibility the room samples provide is world class and is just one of the reasons we use Drumagog in just about every session.”
Ryan McGuire & Louis Svitek
Wuli Records
Lee DeWyze, Ministry, MOD, The REDD