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MoReVoX Kaleidoscope



Kaleidoscope takes a unique approach to drum libraries: Instead of using multisamples in the traditional way, with a different sample for each dynamic level, Kaleidoscope uses multisamples to represent unique sonic nuances. Recorded with top audio gear, Kaleidoscope samples have been multiprocessed up to one hundred times to create several thousand dynamic and multicoloured drum samples!

'Liquid Fat' kicks, 'Wide Killer' snares, and 'Aggressive Varipitch' hits with up to 15 variations/layers and 14 dynamic levels for each sound, all arranged in very dense patches.

The 122 GOGs are divided into two categories - Full Kaleidoscope PatchesFixed Kaleidoscope Patches with limited variations in sound (perfect for everyday music and production).

Engineers, producers and musicians alike will find MoReVoX Kaleidoscope represents a priceless tank of alternative sounds to expand their drum palette.


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