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Parallel processing has been a popular studio technique for years, and MoReVoX takes full advantage of this in its latest release: Parallel Drums. By using parallel processing, this new Drumagog library creates unique nuances that are fully adjustable using Drumagog 5's room sounds support. Taking advantage of this powerful feature, Parallel Drums substitutes the room sounds for three TOP quality parallel processes through the Drumagog 5 mixer.

The technique used in Parallel Drums works similarly to having several copies of the same drum sample on separate channels (each with its own unique processing) on a console, but these tone variations were created by the original drum sounds themselves, rather than building brand new samples. These new variations were then carefully processed through a variety of top quality analog signal-chains (using extra harmonic exciters like tape simulators for a warm, deep sound), with the aim of providing different parallel components that can be mixed with the base samples.

MoReVoX Parallel Drums is based on REAL gear behavior and through the three controls you can not only heavily change the drum's tonal balance but also create thousands of new sounds.

Available parallel processing: Compression, Exciter, Ambiance.


  • The Compression channel (parallel compression) has been developed with some of the best compressors on the market: Neve 33609, SSL Bus compressor, UA 1176, Distressor.
  • The Exciter channel (parallel harmonic distortion) is based on the Evol Audio Fucifier.
  • The Ambiance channel (Space) has been developed by mixing the real rooms of the recordings along with well known MoReVoX reverbs, creating amazing 3D ambiances that are ready to explode your stereo field.

This library is for use with Drumagog 5, and is not compatible with Drumagog 4 or earlier



Audio Examples

Listen to full mixes utilizing Parallel Drums:

  1. Psyco
  2. Rock


34 Drumagog 5-formatted GOG files:

  • 12 Kicks
  • 12 Snares
  • 3 Toms
  • 2 Sidesticks
  • 5 Crash Cymbals
  • More than 1500 samples
  • Recorded at 44.1kHz 24bit