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Welcome to Supersonic Samples, your newest option for premium drum replacements.

In this first edition, you will add over 2700 new sounds to your arsenal and there is little doubt you could use every one of them. A variety of ultimately mix-able samples was the priority when Supersonic was started. These samples, which were sampled using boutique preamps, compressors and industry standard mics, go from mildly processed to very processed in order for you to find the right sounds for each song. You can dial up a nicely compressed and EQ'd sample, one that requires little to no processing... just a simple fader up, OR you can dial up a minimally processed sample and tweak until your heart's content.

This library of Supersonic GOGs gives you...

15 Snares , 68 different variations

    * Most of these snares have multiple processing levels with more or less compression and EQ, and up to 5 different velocity layers (8 Heavy hits, 5 Medium hits, 5 Light hits, 5 Soft hits and 3 Rimshots). Several also have cross stick hits which should cover most or all of your cross stick needs.

    * Every size snare you'd need with any material you'd want. From big deep hammered bronze snares to piccolos to a 12x4.5" snare. Maple, Oak, Brass, Bronze, Acrylic etc...

    * Various levels of damping. Snares with long decay, medium decay or short decay. You name it, it's here ...and if it's not, it will be!

    * includes: Snareside Swish™ (underside snare sound) and Crack & Swish™ (initial attack with swish) samples for layering. There are long and short snare decays to cover all the bases. These samples are perfect for layering under a dead sounding snare. These each have 4 velocity layers (5 Heavy hits, 5 Medium hits, 5 Light hits and 5 Soft hits). When your client wants to keep the character of his/her snare but you just can't get what you need out of it, these will work perfectly. Imagine adding a nice crack and a great decay to a dull snare WITHOUT adding a bunch of harsh noise from the hi-hat or cymbals or having to deal with a gate! Blend to taste and move on.


7 Kicks, 110 different variations

    * All of these kicks have multiple processing levels with more or less compression and EQ, and even different mic combinations. Most have an EL (extended lowend) version for a larger than life, push-through-any-mix sound.

    * All of the standard kicks have 2-3 different beater types (Plastic(PB), Felt(FB) and Wood(WB)) which will give you just the right attack type for the song.

    * Most of the standard kicks have several different tunings to get the right amount of punch and/or extended low end you might need. (Low Tuning(LT), Medium Tuning(MT), and High Tuning (HT))

    * Most of the kicks have 2 velocity levels (5 Heavy hits and 3 Medium hits) and some have just the hard hits which tend to be what is used the most. In today's current music, hard and medium hits will cover all the bases.

    * Some of the kicks have both left and right foot hits for an extra level of realism for metal and heavy music in general. If you can't find the metal kick you desire in this collection, maybe it's just not available ;)

    * Some of the standard kicks also have a blend of the snare resonance/buzz (WS-With Snare) for an extra level of realism when solo'd.

    * includes: SS Hybrid Blender™ kicks are specially formulated kicks that are a blend of real attack sounds and synthesized and/or real drum bodies. Some are great on their own and some are specifically for blending under your current kick for a nice attack and punchy low end while keeping your own kick's character.


3 sets of Toms, 5 variations

    * These toms are beautiful and punchy and will work with just about any kit sound. There are two 4 piece " fusion" style sets (8", 10", 12", 14"), one maple and one birch/maple blend.

    * One of these fusion kits was mixed with a very fast decay which tends to work very well for metal, where you don't want much decay and you do want a lot of attack.

    * One set is a special set, set up in stereo with a blended room sound. And for an extra level of realism, another set has snare resonance/buzz picked up by the room mics with the laid out wider than normal. This allows you to get the typical larger than life stereo field and keep the snare center image. (WS)

    * One set is a large maple kit, consisting of 12", 13", 14", 16" and 18" toms. This kit is sampled in two different environments and is absolutely huge sounding.

    * All 3 kits have 3 different velocity levels (5 Heavy hits, 4 Medium hits and 4 Light hits)




Replaced Using Drumagog

Rock song with the 21HTfd snare, the 14MT kick and the 5RC toms



Ballad with 8LT2 snare, the 14LT kick and the 3DC toms



Funky rock song with the 40LT3 snare, the 13MTel kick and the 3DC toms



Alternative rock song with the 10HT2 snare, the 5MTel kick and 1RC toms



Heavy rock song with the 16MT2 snare and the 12LTel kick



drummers: (1) -Ray Luzier (David Lee Roth, Army Of Anyone) - (2)- Jon LaBarge (O4D) -(3)- Dan Genzale (Philence) -(4)- Eric Hill (Quartermayne) -(5)- Jim Boyd (Black Avenue)