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The right choice to extend your Morph|Engine colours.

ULTRADIMENSIONS has been developed with innovation in mind. The Morph|Engine is not comparable with other processors on the market simply because it’s unique; ULTRADIMENSIONS uses in depth all the Morph|Engine features, with 150 inspiring morph algorithms, which through 8 built-in variations allow users to access thousands of revolutionary new drum sound nuances. With ULTRADIMENSIONS you can, for example, give a tablas or berimbao resonance to a snare drum, or create outstanding telluric presence in a kick drum, plus thousands of other ABSOLUTLEY NEW sounds.

The new Drumagog 5 multi-slot sounds (like MoReVoX – Drivedrums Multidrive) can be tailored with processing never before heard, and very important: Morph|Engine and Ultradimentions allow you to REGENERATE all your previous Gog libraries; with just a few clicks you can create thousand of new Gogs with absolutely new dynamic breath.

ULTRADIMENSIONS creates colours that are input dependent, so the nuances will change according to the harmonic content of the incoming hits.





What's the Morph|Engine?

Developed by WaveMachine Labs and MoReVoX, Morph|Engine is an entirely new way to process drums within Drumagog 5. Morph|Engine is a dynamic morphing processor which shapes your drums in a way never heard before. Snare drums take on an organic 'growl', bass drums sound like they have liquid skins. Unlike traditional processing, Morph|Engine is fluid and dynamic, changing with the dynamics of every beat.

150 Morphs and 8 Variations each

Four main variations (Buttons 1-3-5-7) plus four 'Extreme' versions (Buttons 2-4-6-8) of the main variations. The Extreme variations are perfect to process dull sounds or simply to obtain more extreme and aggressive morphed sounds.

Variation Details:

  • 1 & 2: Base Morph
  • 3 & 4: More Mid Freq / Analog Rich response
  • 5 & 6: Wider response
  • 7 & 8: More impact and low end response

Audio Demo

Morph|Engine UltraDimensions Demo